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Crossroads Counseling

Ms. Milligan & Pinto the Therapy Dog
RGHS Crossroads Counselor: Melissa Milligan

Phone: (505) 873-0220 ext. 50027

What is Crossroads?

Crossroads is a substance use prevention, intervention and harm reduction program for APS high school students.

The program services are delivered by a group of licensed school counselors with training and expertise in the field of substance abuse. This program has been operating in many APS high schools since 1995.

Services include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Family support
  • Education and outreach on substance use and misuse
  • Referrals and resources for more intensive services as needed
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The Crossroads Counselor at Rio Grande High School is Melissa Milligan.

  • Ms. Milligan has a master's degree in School Counseling and Clinical Counseling and a bachelor's degree in Bilingual Education. This is Ms. Milligan's 20th year working in education!
  • The South Valley has always been home to Ms. Milligan. She graduated from RGHS in 2000!
  • Ms. Milligan's passion is supporting, teaching and empowering youth to be and grow into their healthiest, happiest, most authentic selves.

  • Outside of work, Ms. Milligan loves to spend time with her two children, dog and cat. She loves art, reading, crossword puzzles, board games, traveling and spending time in nature.  

Pinto is a Therapy Dog that works with Ms. Milligan. Pinto has been trained to comfort students in emotional distress. This is Pinto's 3rd year working as a School Therapy Dog. When not working, Pinto loves walking in the park, playing with squeaky toys and eating treats! 

You may have been referred to the Crossroads counselor because:

  • You were suspended due to an infraction involving a controlled or illegal substance.

  • A teacher, staff member, parent, friend or other person is concerned about your possible substance use.

  • You have expressed the need for help in dealing with your own or someone else’s substance use.

The Crossroads program is a resource. You are never in trouble when you meet with the Crossroads Counselor. The counselor’s role is to provide support and resources that can help with school and life success.

Each person’s experience with the program is different. During your first session, you and the counselor will discuss the program; your concerns and needs; supports available; and the duration of sessions.

The Crossroads Counselor can support you if:

  • You are struggling with substance use issues.
  • You have a family member, friend or partner who is struggling with substance use.
  • You need resources for help at school or outside of school.
  • You want to get information about nicotine/vaping, drugs and alcohol.
  • You need help dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, triggers, or are just having a bad day.
  • You want to learn about alternatives to substance use.
  • You want to learn healthy ways of coping with stress, anxiety, sadness, anger and other emotions.
  • You want to talk in a safe and confidential space.

Yes! What you tell me is confidential. This means I will not tell anyone what you tell me, unless:

  • You are thinking about hurting or killing yourself or someone else.
  • Someone is hurting you.
  • You give me permission.

Why? Because I care about you, and I want you to be safe.

You can contact Ms. Milligan:

  • Through Google Chat or email at

  • By phone at 505-873-0220 ext. 50027

  • In person in counseling office #7 on the second floor of the commons building.

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