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Substance Information and Resources

Informational Videos

VIDEO: How Alcohol Affects the Brain.
Brain and cannabis leaf.
VIDEO: How Marijuana Affects the Brain.
Fentanyl podwer.
VIDEO: Dangers of Fentanyl.
Episode 1: The Hijacker
VIDEO: How Drugs Hijack the Brain.
Question: why are drugs so hard to quit?
VIDEO: Why are Drugs so Hard to Quit?
Vaping cartriges.
VIDEO: The Dangers of Fake Vapes.
Brain picture
VIDEO: 4 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Brain.
boy and various drugs
VIDEO: How to Say No when Friends Offer you Drugs and Alcohol.
Harm reduction 101
VIDEO: What is Harm Reduction and How Does it Work?
Silhouette of parent and child talking.
Parent and teen talking at a table.
VIDEO: Having a Conversation with your Teen: 5 Tips for Parents.
Title: Experts Answer
VIDEO: Answers to Parents' Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Teen Drug Use.